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Parents are most often the strongest influence on a child's success, therefore, at Glasgow Independent Schools we believe parent involvement is an essential component in every child's education. Research shows that when parents are involved, students have higher grades, better school attendance, increased motivation and better self-esteem. Simple guidance and support can set standards for your child's educational expectations. At GIS we encourage and offer parental involvement opportunities through various programs and events such as the parent volunteer program, parent teacher organizations, family literacy events, grandparent support meetings, annual parent-teacher conferences, parent recognition meals and the parent involvement calendar. If you would like more information on ways you can have a more positive impact on your child's education please contact the guidance counselor or family resource center coordinator at your child's school. Together, as partners in your student's education, we will continue to Guide, Inspire, Succeed.
The Kentucky 2018-2019 School Report Card is final (except for finance data, which will be released in May). Parents can access a summary of the results for the Glasgow Independent Schools report card using the URL address provided:
Parent's Right-to-Know
Parents may request (and Glasgow Independent Schools will provide) information regarding any State or local educational agency policy regarding student participation in any assessments mandated by section 1111(b)(2) and by the State or local educational agency. [ESSA Section 1112 (e)(2)(A)]

Contact: Mrs. Tara Martin, District Assessment Coordinator

KDE Assessments:

Local Assessments:
Please see MAP schedule posted
2018-2019 Local and State Testing
See schedule link below:


KDE Standards and Content Areas:

KDE Minimum High School Graduation Requirements:
Please see Glasgow High School Senior Student Information Page

Course Standards by Subject and Grade:
Please contact your child’s school concerning current curriculum map/pacing guides