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SchoolBlocks Basics
*Re-size the screen to meet any size device.*


Click on the Login button in the top right of the screen.
Click on the Google.
Select your account.

Moving Blocks
Place your mouse over one of the blocks then find the icon that looks a bit like a compass with 4 arrows-the move tool. Hold the button on your mouse to move and drag the block to the desired location. You’ll see the page reorganize as you move the block.

Resizing Blocks
Place your mouse in the bottom right corner of the block to find a small black arrow and click and drag the resize tool. Now, when you have a special announcement, just make it bigger. We call it natural content management since it feels so natural!

Adding Blocks
On the bottom right area of your screen, click “Admin” then “Add Block.” Here you’ll see a menu of all the available block types.

Video Block
Add a video to your grid. SchoolBlocks supports YouTube.
Links Block
The Links Block enables you to organize links to other sites. Use the buttons to add/remove links or folders. Drag and drop the links to reorder them.