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About the Program

16 days ago

 Kelly Oliver

District Gifted & Talented Coordinator
Phone: 270.651.6757

What is gifted and talented?


 A group of exceptional students who are identified as possessing demonstrated or potential ability to perform at an exceptional level in general intellectual aptitude, specific academic aptitude, creative or divergent thinking, psychosocial or leadership skills, or in the visual or performing arts.

How does GIS meet the needs of G/T Students?

Students who are identified for inclusion in Gifted and Talented will be provided with a variety of talent development opportunities dependent upon individual learner characteristics, interests and educational level. Talent development services may include cluster grouping, accelerated and/or differentiated curriculum, independent study opportunities, special seminars, regular classroom enrichment, computer-assisted learning, the services of talent development specialists and other educational personnel, mentorships, field trips and special study options and College Board Advanced Placement (AP) and other higher level educational opportunities.

 Services Presently Offered

Subject or grade acceleration   
Algebra I, Spanish, Physical Science for high school credit (grades 7 and/or 8)
Differentiated study experiences for individuals and cluster groups
Enrichment during the school day  
CELTIC Academy (grades 3 - 7)
Seminars and Mentorships 
Independent study
Resource services in a pullout setting
Video and online courses  
KVHS courses (grades 7 - 12)
Pre-AP, AP and Honors classes
Dual credit and Dual Enrollment