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From the Director

John Myers, Transportation Director
Fax: 270-651-7901

School Bus Conduct

The Glasgow Independent School District is proud to provide its students with the opportunity to ride buses driven by some of the most experienced and dedicated professional school bus drivers in the region.

Bus transportation to and from school is a privilege. We require good behavior from our students who ride the buses for their own safety and everyone else traveling the roadways. Any student who breaks the rules may lose his/her privilege of riding the buses temporarily or permanently depending on the severity and/or frequency of misbehavior. The student must promptly obey the driver at all times. The bus drivers are in charge of the students in their care and will report discipline problems to the building level administrators. The principals or assistant principals will ultimately make the decisions as to the extent of punishment. When a child loses busing privileges, it is the responsibility of the parent to transport the student to and from school each day.

The student must ride the bus that he or she is assigned. A change of drop off sites will only be permitted with a written note from school administrator. Students may obtain a note by the parent submitting a request in writing or a phone call prior to noon. Please help prevent confusion during school dismissal by making requests early in the day.

The student will wait at the assigned bus stop until the driver stops the bus, opens the door, and signals the student to board. When necessary, student will cross the street approximately ten feet away from the bus.

The parent or guardian is responsible for the child’s safety to and from the bus stop and may be asked to accompany the student to the bus stop and stay until the bus arrives.

The student must be at the bus stop when the bus arrives and standing off the roadway, not in the road.

After boarding the bus the student will take a seat without disturbing others, stay seated, and face the front of the bus.

Any or all students may be assigned seats at the discretion of the driver in order to maintain discipline, resolve a problem, or aid in the evacuation of the bus if required.

Students will sit three wide in a seat if necessary and shall not stand in the aisles.

A student who damages a bus will be subject for disciplinary action and payment for damages. Bus privileges may be withheld until payment is completed.

Bus rider must not:

Distract the driver’s attention from the road;
Shout, make loud noises, or use foul language;
Push, shove, or fight;
Throw objects (inside or outside);
Have glass objects or helium balloons;
Possess weapons or dangerous objects;
Eat, drink, or smoke;
Block the doors or aisle;
Interfere when the driver is disciplining another student;
Deface any part of the bus;
Occupy more space than necessary;
Open or close windows without the driver’s permission;
Tamper with bus controls, equipment, or accessories.
Bus rider will help keep the bus clean by policing their seating area.
Bus rider will keep all body parts inside the bus at all times, no hands or heads sticking out of windows.
Student will sit in assigned seat if so asked by the driver.
Pets or other animals will not be transported by bus.
Bus will not leave the school unless all students are seated and quiet.
Always be polite to other passengers, the driver, aides, other motorists, and pedestrians.

All school rules apply while on the bus, waiting for the bus, or on the way to or from the bus. Riding the bus is a privilege that may be temporarily revoked for minor infractions or permanently revoked for serious violations or repeated violations, along with punishment assigned by the school, which may include detention, in-school suspension, out-of school suspension along with punishments deemed appropriate by the principal or assistant principal.

Any student who is suspended from riding one bus is automatically suspended from all other buses owned by the district.

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